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Localization Approach

Our Gaming Localization Approach can be summarized as a strong eagerness to listen to our clients’ individual needs and to adapt to offer them a customized service. We are concerned with ensuring that your product is globalized and localized. This is what puts Words in Style above other translation companies.

The localization of each game is challenging for its own unique reasons and each company wishes to achieve different objectives by translating their games and has different concerns about aspects of their games that are important to them. Some of the different goals include:

  • Good SEO results with effective localization that can account to better game company revenues
  • A simple fluent translation delivered on time
  • Keeping (or changing) cultural references
  • Avoiding jokes that get lost in translation
  • Extreme urgency
  • Fast, on time and accurate translations
  • Localizing to a great number of languages, including some very rare languages

Whatever your concern is, our mission is to make sure playing your game in another language is as cool as in the original!

Read more about our Translation Services and our Gaming Services. If you have any concerns, please get in touch with our Quality Manager Leandro at leandro@wordsinstyle.com to discuss your current localization needs or in case you have any questions about gaming localization. We will be happy to help!


We are used to offer all kinds of Game Localization Services, from simple casual games localization or mobile games localization, as well as casino games localization or social games localization up to highly complex computer games localization or RPG and MMO games localization. Read more about our Gaming Localization Services or contact us for more information or to request a free quote.