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So, you decided to look for a translation company to have your game localized. Not everybody in the world speaks English, so offering your game in other languages is certainly a great way to increase its popularity!

First of all, you just need to decide what type of game localization services you need from us. We offer a comprehensive localization solution, including the following services:

Game Localization Services
Game Proofreading Services
Game Quality Assurance Services
Game Voice-Over Services

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Game Localization Services

If you are looking to simply offer your game in some other languages, then you will be interested in our Game Localization Services.

We know exactly how to handle the typical challenges of video game localization. This is done in the following ways, among others:

– All of our translators are native in the language that they translate into.
– They are experts in video game localization, having worked on the field for several years and some are even avid video game players;
– Our translators are not just experts in games — for each specific project, we hand-pick translators who are specialized in that subject matter. For a baseball game, there will be translators who are experts in baseball translations, for a war game, there will be translators experts in warfare, and so on;
– Our translations are extremely well written and pleasant to read. They should look more like a new original than like a mere translation.

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Game Proofreading Services

Maybe you already localized your game but you are not confident that the translation is good enough. Sometimes game developers who are not native speakers of English are not even sure that their original text in English is good enough. This can be a serious problem but it can be easily corrected with our Game Proofreading Services;

With our Game Proofreading Services, our linguists will:
• Spell check the translation, correcting all typos that they find
• Improve fluency to transform the translation into a very well written text that doesn’t sound like a translation
• Make sure that the most important terms of the game are translated consistently
• If needed, they will adapt the translation so that it has an appropriate style that your gamers expect
• And they will do everything to guarantee that the translation is accurate and with no omissions or mistranslations

Get in touch with us now to know how your specific situation can be handled.

Game Quality Assurance Services

When a game is ready and all languages are implemented, sometimes it might have problems that are not necessarily language-related, such as sentences too long for the space given, untranslated words, etc.

In those cases, it might be recommendable performing a QA to identify, report, and correct any mistakes in the game. With our Game Quality Assurance Services, our linguists do this by means of a QA Report in which they identify and correct all problems they find in the game (linguistic or otherwise).

Send us an email to discuss how this can be done in your case

Game Voice-Over Services

Of course localizing the text of your game is just the beginning. If you wish to go one step further and have your game in a context even more globalized, you can offer the audio in other languages as well.

For this purpose, you might want to try our Game Voice-Over Services just for short videos for marketing purposes or even for your whole game.

The process has three simple steps:

1. To start, all you have to do is sending us an email to request a quote and tell you what you need recorded.

2. Then, we will inform you the price, the expected turnaround and we will send you some voice samples for you to choose.

3. Finally, after you picked up your preferred voice-over artist, we will discuss the final details and start the recordings.


Words in Style is a translation company specialized in all kinds of Game Localization Services, from simple casual games localization or mobile games localization, as well as casino games localization or social games localization up to highly complex computer games localization or RPG and MMO games localization. Read more about our Gaming Localization Services or contact us for more information or to request a free quote.